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Together with our team of experts, we’ve developed creative strategies which can either (1) remove, (2) de-index , or (3) suppress false, fake, and anonymous posts on from Google’s index.

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    Ripoff Report Removal Overview

    ripoff report logo screenshotThere are several methods for removing unwanted posts about you or your business on Ripoff Report.

    Here is one way that can be used in the event a link is posted about you anonymously. Assuming the poster was fake and you cannot identify who it is, it can be permanently removed from Google’s index using the following steps:

    1. A lawsuit* is filed against the poster on published the listing on Ripoff Report
    2. Legal notices* are published in the newspaper for several weeks, notifying the poster of lawsuit*
    3. When no one replies to the newspaper ads, this is taken to the judge in the case and a default judgement is requested
    4. After the judgement is awarded, a list of all pages in which the negative post appears are given to Google for removal from its index
    5. When Google removes the content from its search index, it no longer appears in search results


    Ripoff Report De-Indexing Case Study

    Here’s a case study interview we conducted with a business owner who used this method to successfully get an anonymous review of his business de-indexed.

    Please note – the success rate of this method varies and is not always used.* This is simply a description of one possible method we may use. If you’d like more information, please review our approximate pricing and request a formal quote, so we can look at your specific situation.

    What You Can Do About A Complaint On

    If you’re the victim of a complaint about you or your business on Ripoff Report, you have several choices, which we’ll outline below.

    1. Do not reply to it! I can’t stress this enough. I know your natural reaction is going to be to set the record straight, but when you comment on an article, you just make that article stronger. Longer content usually ranks better than shorter content and by adding your input, you increase the length of the page. Also, comments make the page appear more relevant to Google. So, bite your tongue and refer to the rest of this guide.

    Also, commenting on a complaint can show that you know who posted it (even if they used an alias), and this can automatically avoid your chance of getting it removed legally (see #3).

    2. Don’t click on it! Each time you Google your company or keyword and click on the ripoffreport link, you are signaling to Google that it is a relevant search result to your query. This can help nudge it up in search results. If you must look at it, use Google Chrome as your browser and open Google with incognito mode, so that Chrome doesn’t save a record of what you do.

    3. Get it removed from Google’s index. Removal of negative content is always your best course of action because it nips the problem at the root. By removing the content, you won’t have to worry about it re-surfacing years later, you won’t ever have to explain it, and you won’t have to worry about Google autocomplete picking up on it and publishing unwanted suggestions next to your name.

    If the post on meets the following two criteria, we may be able to get it removed from Google’s index:

    • Fake or alias author
    • False or defamatory content

    If the posting about you meets these criteria, request a quote for guaranteed removal pricing using the form on this page.

    We work with our legal* team to get a judgment on your behalf. We take that judgment to Google and Google removes the link from its index. This means it won’t appear in Google search results – instead when you Google your name, you’ll see the statement.

    chilling effects

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The judgment does not require the owner of to remove the page from its site. is protected by off-shore laws that do not require it to ever remove any content. When Google removes the page from its index, it will not appear in Google. However, it still may appear in other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask. Also, this method is not always successful, but if you decide to move forward with us, you only pay if we are successful and you are satisfied.

    4. Push it down off page 1. Our suppression team are specialists at pushing down negative listings on We’ll create positive content about you and promote it until the unwanted ripoffreport article is on page 2 of search results, where most people will never see it.

    Learn more about our suppression services, but be aware that pushing down a strong site like Ripoff Report is most often going to take 6-12 months or longer.

    5. Create Your Own Reply. If you really can’t help yourself and just have to state your piece, go to and create a free 1 page response. Be sure to choose a URL like and title it “Your Keyword Reply To RipoffReport”. (Your keyword is whatever keyword is causing the negative listing to appear – most likely your name or company name).

    Then you can write your response (remember, the longer the better) which explains your side of the story. Do not hyperlink to the article on ripoffreport, this only helps it get stronger.

    The advantages of creating your own reply are:

    • Your reply might outrank the original complaint
    • You’ll have a professional site you can refer your clients to where they can see your version of the story

    We’re not big fans of this method because creating more content that includes your keyword + ripoff, can lead to ripoff appearing as a suggestion in Google Autocomplete – and then you’ve got another problem.

    6. Ignore it. If you’re unable to afford removing it or suppressing it, this is your next best solution. I know – this is not why you’re reading this post – but consider these factors: First, the word about ripoffreport is slowly getting out. Consumers are beginning to learn the site is garbage and know a lot of what appears there is just wining, complaining and false statements from people hiding behind their computer. As word gets out, it’s only a matter of time before major news media expose the site for what it is – a fraud.

    The other thing is that Google may one day take manual action, like it did on the many different mugshot websites. These sites collect public mugshot photos of arrestees and publish them to their website under the guise of offering a “public service.” Then they extort you to the tune of $400 or more if you want your image removed. With any kind of luck, ripoffreport will meet a similar fate.

    RipOff Report Suppression

    I think is a disgusting website and I know I’m not alone. They’re in the business of collecting as many consumer reviews as they can – whether they be false, fake, or defamatory – they don’t seem to care.

    I’ve tried to publish a positive review on Ripoff Report and it was rejected. That tells you something about the kind of operation they’re running.

    Learn more about our suppression strategies in the video below.

    Ripoff Report Removal & Suppression Video Transcription

    Hi there, my name is Mike Munter. I’m with Affordable Reputation Management and I’m going to talk to you today about If you’ve Googled your name or your business name and you see a Ripoff Report [review] on page 1, it’s going to take some work to get rid of it.

    Now, first of all, what is Ripoff Report? It’s a website where consumers can go post a review about your business. [The review] doesn’t have to be true, it can be false; it can be created from a fake email address. There really is no “policing” of that website. And unfortunately the website, because it was created offshore, all the content that’s on the site is protected. It’s nearly impossible to get any content removed from it.

    Remove Ripoff Report Listing Using an Attorney

    So, if you’ve got a Ripoff Report appearing for your name or your business name, what do you do?

    Well, one way to get it removed would be to go through a legal process. You can consult with a lawyer. It’s probably going to cost you in the neighborhood of seven to ten thousand dollars. It will take probably about 6 – 12 months to try to get it removed from Google’s index – not actually from the site, but from Google’s index, so no one will see it in Google. [Check out for more info.]

    That’s the legal process.

    Push Down Ripoff Report Negative Review

    If you don’t want to go that route, you’re going to need to go on the offensive and get aggressive with reputation management and that’s where we come in. We create a number of new websites [80+] for you. we aggressively promote those websites using a backlink campaign and in about 2 – 6 months roughly, the Ripoff Report will start to get pushed down and the positive content will start to get pushed up.

    The time that it takes is going to vary from individual to individual, so you’ll want to give me a call and I can give you a better timeframe as to when you can expect to see results.

    Cost To Push Down RipOff Report Listing

    Now one thing thats different about us and some of the big corporate [reputation management] firms is that we give you one flat fee to remove the RipoffReport off page 1 of Google for you. We’ll give you one price and there’s no recurring monthly fees. [Actually, we’re no longer able to provide flat fee pricing, sorry.] You pay 50% up front and you pay 50% when the job is done and you’re satisfied.

    So, if that sounds interesting to you, I hope you’ll give me a call. We’d love to help you get rid of that nasty RipoffReport. My number is 503-890-6663.

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