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Fake DMCA Takedown [Beware of This Tactic!]

A fake DMCA takedown (also known as the DMCA Scam) is a strategy employed by some shady online reputation management (ORM) companies to help you get an article or news story removed from Google’s search index. While the method can work temporarily, Google always finds out about it and three things happen: The negative article […]

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How To Permanently Delete A Comment From Yahoo! Finance

It’s pretty easy to permanently delete and remove a negative, false, defamatory or fake comment from Yahoo! Finance. Just follow the steps below for flagging each comment. Important Note: You will have to flag each comment 5-10 times and each one must be done from a different IP address using a different Yahoo user account. […]

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Delete Links From Cheater Websites

We can remove (delete) links on most of the cheater websites out there. Contact us for a confidential quote. Cheater websites are pretty much the scum of the internet. These sites are awful as most of them have no moderation which means anyone can post anything about anybody and no one is doing any fact […]


The Dirty Removal & Suppression

We can offer you affordable removal and/or suppression of a post on The Dirty. Fill out our form to to get a quote. What Is The Dirty? is the self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Gossip Website.” The site makes money through advertising revenue which it collects due to its high volume of traffic and over 150,000 indexed […]

Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation management is a relatively new buzzword in business, but it is not really a new concept. Prior to the advent of the internet, businesses routinely tasked their public relations department or the public relations company handling their account to undertake reputation management. This required a periodic report on the company’s public status and […]

2014 Reputation Management Pricing Comparison

In February, 2014, we polled five well-known reputation management companies in order to give potential clients an objective pricing comparison. Each company was asked to present pricing on two common reputation management problems: Google Autocomplete (view sample) and Pushing Negative Content Off Page 1 of Google. The results of that research is presented in the tables below. […]

Using Google Autocomplete For Branding Your Name Online

You can control the suggestions people see when they Google you. This is a powerful tool in your online reputation marketing strategy and can be helpful if you’re looking for a job or trying to conduct business. Check out the video below and enjoy the transcription while you watch. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote on […]