How To Remove BiggerPockets Threads, Posts, and Comments

If you’re losing business because of negative reviews of your product or service on, we can help you.

We provide guaranteed removal of negative content including:

  • Entire threads
  • Individual specific comments

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  1. What Is BiggerPockets?
  2. How BiggerPockets Effects Your Online Reputation
  3. Removal of Entire Threads
  4. Removal of Individual Comments
  5. Timeline and Cost
  6. FAQ
  7. Summary

What Is BiggerPockets?

biggerpockets is an online community and resource hub for real estate investors.

The domain name was first purchased in 2003 and is currently owned by Scott Trench, according to Wikipedia.

The website provides educational content, forums, podcasts, and tools to help individuals navigate real estate investingment.

It’s users include both experienced investors and professionals, as well as beginners who are interested in achieving success and financial freedom through real estate.

How BiggerPockets Effects Your Online Reputation

For those who market and sell courses such as “How to flip houses” or “How to make money in commercial real estate,” BiggerPockets can make or break your sales.

The more expensive your training course is, the more you can expect people to use the site to gather feedback before deciding to purchase from you.

And while the site does have moderators, it’s still an open forum, which means people can pretty much post whatever they want.

Opinions from people who haven’t even purchased your course are allowed on the site and if the opinions are negative, there goes your sales.

One negative post can become a forest fire as commentors pile on with more negative opinions.

Plus, posters and commentors can use fake names and may be competitors trying to sabotage you.

If you’re in the real estate niche and type the name of your course plus the word “reviews” into Google, you’re probably going to see this popular real estate investing website front and center.

Gaining control of the site and it’s content can be a headache because it ranks so well in Google.

Negative experiences, product reviews,  or misinformation shared on the platform can damage your reputation.

Removal of Entire Threads

Most clients want to get rid of entire threads (also known as posts).

Usually a thread will start out with a negative review or a question of whether someone’s product is a scam or legit.

When others pile on, the post gets stronger and stronger and the next you know it’s ranking on Google for when you search for your name.

In the hypothetical example below, look at how when you Google “Pace Morby,” the search result “Is Pace Morby a Scam?” is showing.

This is clear click bait and the problem for Pace is that people checking him out online will click on this piece, which is very damaging to his business, even though most of what appears in the thread is opinions.

When we remove the negative BiggerPockets thread, look at how it cleans up his search results.

biggerpockets thread removal before and after

The removal case pictured above is an ideal case because it’s the only negative thread appearing in Google search results.

If I were advising Pace, I would suggest he remove it and be done with it.

Removal vs. Suppression Considerations

However, if Google is showing multiple thread links in it’s search results, it’s likely that the removal of one thread will just be replaced by another.

This can happen when there are many different threads about a person or product in the forum – one gets removed and another takes it’s place.

biggerpockets - google showing multiple threads in SERPs

In a case like the one show above, we need to take a deeper look.

We use the site: command shown below to search the website forum for all posts containing the words “National Tax Lien Training.”

using site command to target SERPs

We see there are 33 results and if you look at each result individually, you’ll see several of them are negative.

The risk with so many negative posts on the site, that when one gets removed, another takes its place.

So, even though you’ve reduced the amount of negativity online, you haven’t gained any ground.

scam posts example on bigger pockets

For our clients with multiple negative threads, burying search results can be the better long term option.

If you’re confused or unsure how to proceed, please reach out so we can examine the situation with you and recommend the best course of action based on your needs.

We describe our specific removal and consultation services in the video below.

Removal of Individual Comments

Sometimes, you might want to remove a single negative comment from a thread which is otherwise positive.

Since so much of what we read on forums is opinion, one “hater” can throw a wrench into a discussion and hurt the way you look online.

We can pinpoint and remove these unwanted comments for an affordable price.

After a comment is removed, the rest of the thread will remain intact; it will be like the comment was never there.

Timeline and Cost

In general, it takes between 25-45 days to remove unwanted comments and posts.

Costs vary depending on the scope of work, but as we maintain low overhead in our business, you expect the lowest prices.

Plus, our guarantee is ironclad – if we can’t remove the negative links for any reason, you don’t pay.


Can you delete a post on BiggerPockets?

Yes. If a negative post is effecting your online reputation, we can delete or de-index it for you, guaranteed.

Can you trust information on BiggerPockets?

Certainly, there’s a lot of good information and advice on the site, but there are also a lot of opinions from people who don’t know what they’re talking about. Do your due diligence.


We offer customized solutions for all the ways that BiggerPockets is damaging your online reputation.

The services include:

  • Single comment removal
  • Entire thread removal
  • Suppression of all negative links

Since this site has a high domain authority, it’s going to rank well for anyone selling real estate products and services.

In order to limit the impact of negative opinions on your sales efforts, contact us today and look at the options we have to help you restore your reputation.