Delete Reddit Links/Threads is one of the most popular social media platforms on the internet today thanks to its ability to connect people across populations, but this doesn’t mean that every post is a winner.

In fact, a negative review of your business could hurt your bottom line substantially. If you have this problem, fill out our online form for a fast, free quote on how much it will cost to remove or suppress whatever was written against you on Reddit.

What Is

reddit is a social media platform advertising itself as the “front page of the internet.” Any member may create a community on any topic they wish. These communities are self-moderated, and there are no rules against sharing links or images from across the web. Users may also upvote anything they wish, with the most popular discussions getting prime real estate on the site’s homepage.

All of that typically works fine, but one dissatisfied customer can reach a lot of your target audience with a fraudulent review. This can seriously injure your online reputation.

Impact Of Reddit Threads on Online Reputation

The real impact of Reddit is not so much Reddit itself, but rather, it’s when people go to Google and search for your brand and then they find a negative Reddit link in the first page of Google search results.

reddit thread in search results

For example, the thread above sits on page one of Google for a client of ours. Not only is the negative thread on page one of search results, but the additional 5 sub-threads that appear below it make it really stand out.

So, if someone Googles you or your products and they see a Reddit link like this, they are likely to click on it before buying from you.

You can’t flag it and adding your own positive comments only serve to make the link stronger and more relevant. Your best approach is usually to get it taken down professionally, and that is what we can do for you.

Quick Reddit Link Removal FAQ

What is the likelihood that a Reddit thread can be removed? We’d need to see the specific link, but chance of removal ranges between 50-99%. Most Reddit links can be deleted.

Can you delete or deindex a Reddit thread? Most threads are deindexed, not deleted. De-indexed is actually better as no one on the thread will know that the thread is no longer showing in Google, Bing, or Yahoo search results.

How long will it take to delete the Reddit thread? 1-2 months.

When you delete the thread, do all comments go away, too? Yes, the thread and its comments are deleted in their entirety.

Does deleting a Reddit thread remove it from Google? Yes; however it might take about a week for the cached version of the Reddit link to fall out of Google search results.

Are Reddit removal services guaranteed? Yes, you only pay if we can successfully and permanently remove the thread.

Is there any risk to deleting a Reddit thread? There is no risk, other than that other users may create new threads about your business. This is out of our control.

Reddit Thread Content allows users to post anything they wish, including unsubstantiated negative reviews that can hurt a business. These reviews are often categorized by terrible grammar and spelling, but readers tend to take them seriously anyway. They also depict only one side of what happened.

You may be tempted to respond to your accuser directly on, as the site will allow you to. However, it looks incredibly unprofessional for a business to get in a war on the site. Instead, you should hire an online reputation management firm to control the damage.

Posts May Be Removed From rarely removes posts directly, although they reserve the right to do so in extreme circumstances. The self-appointed moderators of each community are empowered to remove content violating the rules, and we will represent your interests in trying to get the offending material removed. However, each community has its own rules, and some moderators will never remove anything. In these cases, it is necessary to suppress the content rather than eliminate it outright.

How Do You Suppress A Post?

The vast majority of search engine users never leave the first page of results for their query. Many of them never even leave the first half of the first page. This means that negative content on Reddit may effectively be eliminated by burying it beneath truthful, positive content about your brand.

We have a broad range of techniques to accomplish this. For example, claiming a free listing in online business directories such as Google My Business is an instant way to generate a site with better SEO performance than

We can also increase the authority of your existing digital footprint by link-building, or generating multiple links to your content from sites that search engines find extremely trustworthy. The exact mechanics of this process are too technical to detail here, but we would he happy to discuss them in detail with you.

Finally, making company profiles on other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is a great way to bury content. Your optimized profiles will contain your company’s exact name and contact information, making search engines trust it more than a random post on

Parting Thoughts

If your online reputation is suffering due to content on, contact us today to learn how to mitigate the damage!