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Delete Entire Quora Threads And Posts

We can delete entire threads from Quora, guaranteed.

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Read below to understand each one.

  1. What Is Quora?
  2. What Is A Quora “Thread”?
  3. Why Delete Quora Threads and Posts
  4. How To Delete Entire Quora Threads
  5. Summary

What Is Quora?

Quora is an online community where people can ask and answer questions on any number of topics.

Users can “Upvote” or “Downvote” specific answers to questions, thus making them appear higher or lower in the thread.

Quora is similar to Reddit, in that anyone can chime in on a conversation, and as long as comments don’t violate the sites terms of service, the comments will stand, for the community to up or down vote.

quora thread example

As a user, you will see things in your feed that you’ve expressed interest in before, or which are popular on the site. was first registered in 2000 and appears to make money through advertising.

Vox put the value of the site at $2 Billion dollars, as of May 2019.

What Is A Quora “Thread”?

A Quora “thread” is a question followed by all of its answers.

It includes all comments made on the initial question and all comments made on all of the answers.

It also includes any images or videos that are embedded anywhere along the thread.

A thread has a single URL, such as:

In this example, you can see there is an initial question asked and it has 6 comments.

quora thread question and initial comments

A Quora thread also includes all related comments and answers to the initial question.

related comments and answers are part of quora thread

The bottom line is that anything you see while being on the same URL in your browser is part of the same thread.

When we remove a Quora thread from Google, everything mentioned and pictured above is hidden from Google search results.

Why Delete Quora Threads and Posts

Quora carries a Domain Authority of 93 out of 100 as of September 2023.

This makes it a very authoritative site and therefore Google will usually rank Quora threads high in its search results.

Because of this, Quora can be difficult to suppress – sites with higher domain authority are always more challenging to push down.

So, if you Google your name or business name and see a negative Quora post on page 1 or 2 of Google, you’re probably going to want to eliminate it from search results, where no one can see it at all.

It’s important to understand that our Quora thread removal service is for de-indexing, which means it will never be found in Google search.

Quora threads can’t be deleted, but de-indexing is just as valuable, as it will hide the offensive thread from anyone ever finding it using a search engine.


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How To Delete Entire Quora Threads

Here is how to delete a Quora thread from Google:

  1. Contact and fill out the “Request Quote” form
  2. Include your name, contact info, and link to the Quora thread to be removed
  3. Receive a quote and if you decide to move forward, expect removal to occur within a few weeks

Unlike Reddit, where posts only can be removed, our service for Quora includes removal of the entire thread and all it’s trailing comments and follow-ups.

Basically, the entire page is de-indexed, so anything you see while on the same link from your browser will be gone after you hire us.


Some of the questions people are asking on Google with regard to their online reputation and Quora are:

  • How do I delete a conversation on Quora?
  • Can you delete Quora posts make by others?
  • Can you delete Quora questions

By now, you know that the answer to all of these questions is YES.

Our Quora removal service is 100% guaranteed, so you’re not paying for something that doesn’t work.

We look forward to helping you rebuild your online reputation by removing unwanted Quora threads from your Google search results.