Delete Glassdoor Review

We can delete Glassdoor reviews consisting of unwanted and negative complaints of your company that appear on We can also help you get new reviews published to Glassdoor, thereby improving the rating of your employer profile.

To find out which route is best for your company, please contact us by completing the online form on this page.

Glassdoor Overview

glassdoor is a jobs website that helps match employers with employees.

For employers, you can create a free business profile that describes what you do and you can use it as a recruitment tool for posting available jobs.

For employees, it’s a place to learn about companies by getting feedback from others who work there.

And this is where the problems can come in. Comments are unmonitored, so anyone can say anything about your business and this can appear as a negative when people Google you.

For most businesses, a rating of 4 or better is usually acceptable – you can’t please everyone – and disgruntled employees are always going to be inclined to bitch about it.

So, if you get too many people complaining, removing a few of the complaints can improve your Glassdoor rating and improve your company’s overall online reputation.

We are experts in removing negative comments/reviews from Glassdoor. We’ve removed from the site many times for companies large and small.

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