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How To Remove UniCourt Records From Google

We can offer you affordable removal of court records from UniCourt.com.

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  1. About UniCourt
  2. Can I Remove UniCourt Records Myself?
  3. What If UniCourt Will Not Redact My Record?
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About UniCourt

For lawyers and those doing case research, UniCourt.com is your one-stop shop for state and federal court data.

Its advantage over other court record sites is that it is a single portal which allows access to court records and legal data.

As of 2023, the website boasts having over:

  • 135 million state and federal cases
  • 500 million court documents
  • 600 million parties, attorneys, and judges
  • 3 billion docket entries

That’s quite a large database of court records!

The website provides real-time access through their API to multiple industries including legal, finance, insurance, investigations, and news media.

The company has offices in the US and India, employs over 50 people and was founded in 2014 by Josh Blandi.

With it’s primary focus being to offer legal data as a software service, Unicourt is a leader in the court record websites niche.

Can I Remove UniCourt Records Myself?

According to their public records policy, they will consider redacting information about you on their site if the record has been sealed or expunged.

They will also consider other factors such as threats of harm, cases involving minors and those involving identity theft.

Here is the exact wording from their website, to save you a little time.

unicourt factors for redaction consideration

Of course, the reason you would want to get information redacted is so that it is hidden on Google.

To request that public records on the site be redacted, submit using this link: https://unicourt.com/case/removeRecord

Then follow the steps detailed on their website and shown below.

unicourt steps to complete public records redaction request

Their site states they usually make decisions on requests within 30 days.

If your request is honored and the information is redacted, Google will typically reflect that change in their search results within a couple weeks – but this is solely up to Google’s algorithm.

There is no way to speed up this process.

What If UniCourt Will Not Redact My Record?

If you’ve tried without success to have your information removed from this website, this is where we can help you.

Our UniCourt removal process is guaranteed, so you only pay if and when you see that your record is removed from the site and/or no longer appearing in search engines.

In the event we are unable to remove your record from the site, you pay us nothing.

However, at this point, pushing down the court record in Google is a good alternative.

Since most people only review page one of search results when they Google you, pushing the site down to page two, three, or deeper is a good way to go.

Another reason suppression is a good strategy for UniCourt.com records is because so many of the public court record sites such as Trellis, PacerMonitor and others are aggregators, meaning, if you are on one site, you’re likely to be on several of them.

When our clients appear on multiple negative websites (with the chance that more could pop up in the future), we recommend suppression, in order to push them all down.


Recently, one of our clients asked several follow up questions, so I thought I’d share the answers here for others.

Is the UniCourt removal price a one-time fee?

Yes. It’s a flat fee service and you only pay after we delete your record.

After removal, will the UniCourt listing of my name and court record pop up again in the future?

No. This is a permanent removal.

This UniCourt removal service would include all of the internet search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)?

Yes. After your record is deleted, it will fall out of all search engines.

Is this removal from all web searches of my name (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and also UniCourt’s legal database of searches in UniCourt for paid subscribers?

Yes. After your record is removed, no one will be able to find it on any search engine or on UniCourt’s website, no matter what search term is used. It is a complete and guaranteed removal, as if it was never there.

Next Steps

As described above, if you have public records listed on UniCourt, you have the option of contacting the website yourself to request that the records be removed or redacted.

We recommend you try this because it’s free and easy and you’ll have your answer within 30 days.

If doing it yourself proves unsuccessful, we would love to help you get your court records removed or pushed down.

We look forward to assisting you.