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We offer guaranteed TrustAnalytica removal services at an affordable price.

If you’re worried about your online reputation being tarnished by this site, we can help you get it removed or suppressed.

  1. What Is
  2. The Problem With TrustAnalytica
  3. Should I Signup With TrustAnalytica For Free?
  4. How Can I Get Removed From TrustAnalytica?
  5. Summary

What Is at first glance appears to be a legit online reputation management service.

After all, those are the first four words in the SEO title of the website’s home page.

In bold letters across the top of the home page they promote “Manage Reviews. Build Reputation. Advertise.”

Callout boxes promote their varied software tools and the Products drop down advertises this wide array of services:

  • Reputation Management
  • Booking Automation
  • Unified Messaging Platform
  • Web Chat & Action Buttions
  • SMS & Email Marketing
  • Payments & Sales

I don’t know about you, but I’m confused.

They seem to be all over the map with what they do.

A look at their pricing page is even more confusing.

What I can see for sure, thanks to data is they’ve been around since 2019 and might be headquartered in Iceland, as Reykjavik is listed as the city in their registrant contact information.

The Problem With TrustAnalytica

If you dig deeper into the website, you’ll see they appear to be an online directory of scraped information.

When we talk about “scraper” sites, we mean sites that automatically pull information from other sites in order to populate content on their own sites.

For one company on TrustAnalytic, we found the following scraped information:

  • Website banner
  • Contact information
  • Description of services
  • Google reviews

The page we found looks nice, but if you already have a poor Google review rating, this is like pouring salt in your wounds.

Having a page on this site just puts one more place out there where people can find and see bad reviews about your business.

In the screenshot below, you can see the profile page for “Bright Power.”

Notice how their profile is “unclaimed.”

Unclaimed profiles are a sure sign that the information was pulled from elsewhere and imported into this site.

It also indicates that could be a pay to play site, i.e. you pay them to gain control/improvement over your page on the site.

trust analytica review page

Should I Signup With TrustAnalytica For Free?

In checking our their site a bit more, I see they have buttons throughout the website that encourage small businesses to signup for free.

Below is what the signup form looks like.

trust analytica signup page

Personally, I would not do it.

If they were a legitimate online business directory, I would say, “Go ahead,” but in this case, I’m just not sure what they’re going to do with your information.

I’d be concerned your signup (and agreeing to their Terms and Conditions) might give them even more of a reason to post your business on their site, with you having no control over it.

Since a positive online reputation is about taking control of what people see, I would steer clear.

How Can I Get Removed From TrustAnalytica?

If you’re unable to get the website owners to take down your page yourself, we recommend contacting our team.

We can get your page removed within 1-2 weeks, guaranteed.

You pay nothing until the page is gone and you see it for yourself.


I’m not really clear on what the business model is for

It seems they offer an array of digital products and looks like it’s all things for everyone.

It does not appear to serve a specific niche and that makes me confused…and skeptical.

If you’re listed on the site and want to get permanently removed, please contact us for a quote.