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  1. What is
  2. Is ScamPulse Legit?
  3. Will ScamPulse Effect My Online Reputation?
  4. Scampulse Reviews
  5. Conclusion

What Is

First registered on July 16, 2019 according to Whois data, ScamPulse purports to be a website platform giving voice to those who have fallen victim to “unethical and … illegal practices.”

But there’s a problem: Who is actually deciding what is unethical and illegal?

Isn’t that why we have courts of law?

Nonetheless, as of this writing in 2023, ScamPulse has over 50,000 indexed pages on it’s website.

That’s a lot of disgruntled customers complaining about everything from tool companies to art suppliers and everything in between.

If you’ve got something to complain about, ScamPulse is a free place to vent your frustrations.

Is ScamPulse Legit?

I guess this depends on how you define the word “legit.”

The website is legit in the fact that there are thousands of reviews posted to the site which represent real experiences from real people.

Whether the claims are unethical or illegal is anybody’s guess.

ScamPulse has no editorial review – we tested this for ourselves.

I made up a fake story about a fake company and it was posted to the site immediately.

With absolutely zero third party review of content submitted to ScamPulse, you are on your own as to whether you believe the claims made by those posting to the site.

Will ScamPulse Effect My Online Reputation?

As described above, you can write anything you want about any person or company and ScamPulse will publish it within seconds.

Certainly, the site doesn’t hold the credibility of an online newspaper, where stories are investigated and reviewed by editors before publishing.

The question is whether consumers will believe what they read on the site.

In my opinion, it’s pretty clear that the site is a place where opinions run wild, much like any social media site.

So, the question of whether or not a listing on ScamPulse will hurt your online reputation is up to you.

Usually, if a negative article is ranking on page 1 or in the first 10-15 search results in Google, we advise that you remove it or suppress it, as it could be doing you damage you’re unaware of.

Scampulse Reviews

When I Google “scampulse reviews,” the first thing I see is that it’s rated 1.5 stars on TrustPilot, based on 39 reviews as of January 2023.

The reviews are scathing with review titles such as:

  • “This website is known to spread lies” 7/4/22
  • “This website is posting lies” 4/6/22
  • “This site is a scam” 9/13/21

One review even states that the site has already been reported to the FTC.

What’s funny to me is the other top search results are from sister scam sites:

  • ScamAdviser gives ScamPulse a trust score of 72/100 and says “we think it is legit” – you already know my feelings on ScamAdviser
  • Scam-Detector gives it a rank of 58.9/100 based on “50 factors” – personally, I feel this is all BS


Like many other online websites that don’t feature any type of editorial review, it’s my opinion that ScamPulse is just a site that extorts those who’ve been posted on it.

Thus, the site doesn’t have much credibility in my opinion, and at some point, it is likely Google may take manual action and either de-index the site or de-value it, so that it doesn’t rank well in search results.

While you could certainly wait for that to happen, there is no guarantee it will.

If you’d like to have your Scampulse article permanently removed or pushed down, please contact us for help.