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About was founded in 2015 and has a domain authority of 41 according to ahrefs data in January 2023.

There are 327,000 links to the site, which is an astounding number of links in only 8 years of existence.

redigger ahrefs jan 2023

What’s weird is that a site: search in January 2023 only produces 119 indexed pages on Google.

That’s really low, considering all those back links.

We tried to anonymously submit a post to the site and the captcha is broken, so there’s no telling how others are posting articles on the site.

Are the owners of RepDigger publishing all the articles themselves?

It’s hard to know for sure – perhaps the broken captcha is just temporary.

A quick grammar check and it would appear that RepDigger is run by non-US speaking people – you can check that out for yourself and form your own opinions.

How Does RepDigger Rank on Google?

With a decent domain authority and so many links, it’s no wonder why RepDigger is a site that can be a threat to your online reputation.

In a January 2023 test, I randomly chose 10 people who were reviewed on RepDigger and checked to see where they were ranking on Google.

Seven of the ten happened to be doctors, so I included “Dr.” as the prefix of the search, i.e. “Dr. John Doe.”

You can check this yourself manually by going to Google and searching for anyone who is profiled on the site.

I used my (affiliate link) rank tracker and found that only 4 of 10 individuals were ranking in the top 10 pages of Google.

None of them were on page 1 and only one person ranked as high as page three.

View the data below – all names are grayed out to protect their privacy.

repdigger rankings jan 2023

If you’re listed on the site, you’ll want to get your information deleted and we offer an affordable way to do that.

How We Remove RepDigger Posts

Our removal methods are proprietary and you can learn more by watching our video below.

We’ve successfully removed several businesses from the website within a few weeks of being authorized to do so.

Our service is fully guaranteed, so you only pay us after you’ve seen for yourself that your post is removed from Google.

We don’t think anyone is reviewing the content posted to RepDigger.

The site doesn’t run Google ads, so it appears the only profit motive is to have people pay to get removed.


If someone has slandered you on RepDigger, you don’t have to just accept it.

You’ve got two options:

  1. Remove the RepDigger post
  2. Push the post down where no one will see it

Either way, our prices are affordable because we’re a small operation with low overhead.

We look forward to helping you.