Delete YouTube Video

We can delete individual Youtube videos from the internet – guaranteed. This is  a permanent service to get rid of ANY Youtube video that is hurting your business or online reputation.

How We Delete Youtube Videos

youtube logoUnfortunately, our methods for removing Youtube videos from the web are proprietary, but rest assured – our strategy is effective. We don’t collect money up front, so there is no risk to you.

All we ask is that you contact us for a quote, so that we can get to work and help you regain your company’s valuable online reputation.

Types Of Youtube Videos We Delete

  • Videos of bad reviews or negative testimonials about your business
  • Videos featuring false advertising about you or your business
  • Videos that infringe upon a copyright or trademark violation
  • Any video you feel is harmful to you personally or to your company

The Power of 3: The Youtube Review Carousel

As you can see in the example below, when you Google most company names plus the word “reviews” you could see videos like the ones below, where customers have went online to post a video review of your business.

No matter whether the video is true or not, posted by a real customer or by a competitor trying to attack you, people watch reviews like the 1st one and 3rd one below and they can hurt your ability to attract new customers.

The Youtube Video Carousel now features three videos side by side and a simple click of the mouse allows consumers to see more videos.

We recommend you Google yourself frequently or setup a Google alert to be notified when new content is published about you or your business.

youtube video carousel bad reviews

The Power Of Youtube Videos

You might not know it, but Youtube is the world’s second largest search engine, only behind Google.

Many people turn to Youtube when they are researching your company or business and it’s important that you have control over what they see.

That’s what our Youtube Video Deletion Service is all about – protecting your internet reputation by giving you the power to delete the videos that are negative, false, defamatory or which violate a copyright or company trademark you own.

Youtube Video Deletion Case Study

One of our clients has developed a huge online brand in the investments niche.

He offers an excellent training course and tutoring that customers can purchase to put his methods into place for themselves.

The course costs several thousand dollars and he has hundreds of positive reviews all over the internet from people sharing their honest opinion of how the course has changed their lives.

Once in a while, someone will post a negative review just so they can gain traffic and sell advertising.

Unfortunately, this is a common practice on the internet – there are hundreds of sites that publish information about your company and insert words like scam, complaints or ripoff. They do this just so they can get traffic to sell ads, or, in some cases, so they can charge you to delete the page in question. 

This practice is despicable and our client fights back by removing such videos.

Furthermore, another company setup a brand with very similar phrasing which is misleading to the general public.

This new company is a complete scam, trading off the popularity of our client to generate their own leads and sell products.

While he pursues legal action against them to make them cease and desist, he carefully considers our Youtube video removal service to nip the problem immediately.

Guaranteed Deletion Of Youtube Videos

So, if you have an embarrassing or harmful video you’d like to get removed from the internet, contact us for a confidential quote. We look forward to helping you!

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