How To Completely (And Permanently) Delete TrustPilot Business Profile

This post is aimed specifically at those businesses who want to get off of TrustPilot forever.

Despite what TrustPilot may be telling you on their website, we can help you get removed from this platform, so that your business profile page no longer appears in Google search results.

It’s a guaranteed process, so please contact us for a quote.

  1. Why Am I On TrustPilot In The First Place?
  2. How To Delete Your TrustPilot Profile
  3. Before & After
  4. Video Discussion
  5. FAQ
  6. Conclusion

Why Am I On TrustPilot In The First Place?

While TrustPilot does not auto-generate new business listings like Yelp does, you might be wondering why your business has been listed there.

Well, it’s simple.

All it takes is one person to write a review about your business.

This creates a public profile on the site, regardless of whether you have authorized it or claimed the listing.

And while some businesses see value in claiming their profile and paying the popular review platform for enhanced listing and review management, many business owners are left wondering, “Why is my business on TrustPilot?”

This post is going to bring you a greater understanding of the website and how you can get yourself removed from it for good.

How To Delete Your TrustPilot Profile

You might think that deleting your account will get rid of your TrustPilot page, but it won’t.

In fact, while doing research for this article, I noticed that people using the search phrase is “delete trustpilot business account” are probably looking to get off the review platform altogether.

But TrustPilot does not allow this.

Click the #1 search result and you’re led straight to this help center page which confirms they don’t remove your profile.

trustpilot does not delete business profiles

Even the other top ranking search results for the query (BlackHatWorld and Reddit) offer no solutions for complete company page removal.

UK Business Forums goes so far as to say “You can’t.”

They’re wrong.

can you delete trustpilot business page

There is a way to do and we can help you.

Just follow these steps:

  1. Contact us and provide the exact link to your profile page
  2. Receive a quote and sign a removal agreement if you’re ready to move forward
  3. In approximately 3-8 weeks, your page will be invisible on Google

If for any reason we fail to remove your page, you owe nothing.

We offer a 20 year guarantee, so you’ll never have to worry about this site mucking up your online reputation again.

Before & After

Unlike our post on how to delete individual bad TrustPilot reviews, this service is a complete de-indexing of your business page.

That means when you search for your company on Google, you’ll no longer see TrustPilot in the search results.

trust pilot before and after profile page removed

Note: Protect Your Home Company is not a client. Screenshot used to demonstrate search results before and after removal.

This permanent removal takes any and all of your bad reviews with it – it’s perfect for those business owners who are fed up and no longer want their page on the site.

Video Discussion

We discuss the service in the video below.

The removal process, guarantee, timeline and other frequently asked questions are covered.


In the “People also ask” section, I noticed some of these questions.

How do I remove myself from TrustPilot?

Assuming you want your business profile gone from the platform permanently, contact us. So far as I can see, we are the only agency offering an affordable removal solution.

Can you delete a business page?

Yes! Ignore all of the forum responses and statements from TrustPilot’s corporate website. We can delete your business page.

Can I unsubscribe from TrustPilot?

Yes, you can. But this only unsubscribes you from the company’s marketing emails. It does not remove your business from the site.


Thankfully, there’s a bonafide solution that works for business owners who want to fully remove themselves from the TrustPilot platform.

Unlike a lot of the opinions in forums you’ve probably already seen, we’re pleased to be able to offer you the service at an affordable price.

And best of all, it’s guaranteed to work.

Stop wasting time with TrustPilot support and/or hiring lawyers to try to get your profile removed.

We handle the entire process in weeks and it’s very straightforward.

We look forward to helping you improve your online reputation.