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Pissed Consumer removal has become increasingly difficult and oftentimes, suppression of a PissedConsumer link is the better option. It depends on your specific situation which is why we always recommend beginning with a free consultation.

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  1. Pissed Consumer Overview
  2. Will Pissed Consumer Remove Negative Reviews?
  3. Can You Really Get My Negative Review Removed?
  4. Pissed Consumer Suppression Strategies
  5. How We Remove Pissed Consumer Links
  6. Before And After Results
  7. How Pissed Consumer Can Effect Your Business
  8. Pissed Consumer Removal FAQ
  9. Case Study
  10. What To Do If You’ve Been A Victim

Pissed Consumer Overview

pissed consumer logoDisgruntled consumers from around the world have been flocking to to share their experiences with various services and products.

While the website was intended to be a place for consumers to warn others about potential “scams,” it also attracts countless competitors and former employees that publish false statements and reviews.

This is done for the sole purpose of damaging the reputation of the business.

Unfortunately, ignoring these negative and defamatory reviews won’t make them go away, and you’ll need an experienced online reputation management company to help you clear your name.

Pissed Consumer is a consumer activist site that claims to be an advocate for the people.

This site is supposedly a sounding board for consumers to warn others about poor business practices and shotty customer service they received at a variety of organizations.

However, the way we deal with Pissed Consumer removal is different from the way we remove Yelp reviews and the way we push down links on the Better Business Bureau because an overwhelming majority of the posts are negative.

Further, the bigger problem with Pissed Consumer is that the site does not have a review process in place to examine posts once they are submitted.

Anyone who has a complaint, whether it is true or completely unsubstantiated, can write up their grievance and have it published on almost instantly.

This makes it easy to post defamatory reviews with the sole purpose of slandering a person or business. 

Will Pissed Consumer Remove Negative Reviews?

According to, the website does not presently offer users the chance to remove or edit prior postings.

In fact, the only way that users can get a review that they submitted removed from the site is if they submit a notarized letter detailing the following information:

  • A statement confirming that the letter writer is the person who posted the information in question.
  • A statement stating that the previously posted information was incorrect at the time of the posting.
  • The URL of the post as it appears on the Pissed Consumer website.
  • The letter writer’s full name, address, email address, and a signature.
  • The word-for-word statement indicating that the writer is providing accurate and true information under penalty of perjury.
  • A legible notary stamp.

The only other way to remove a post from is by court order.

This is a challenging process, and we can help you to see it through.

Our experienced team is both affordable and efficient at getting anonymous Pissed Consumer reviews removed that may be damaging your business off of the Internet.

Can You Really Get My Negative Review Removed?

As reputation management specialists, our removal service is a legal process that effectively removes any false and negative review of your business from the Pissed Consumer website – if it was posted anonymously.

The process takes between eight to ten weeks, but once it is over, the results are permanent.

The negative post that could have been detrimental to your business will be removed from the search engine index, so it never appears again in search results.

This allows you to move on and focus your efforts back into growing your business.

Pissed Consumer Suppression Strategies

Don’t allow a damaging review on to ruin your day.

Negative, unwanted listings on this site can be pushed down or displaced using one of these strategies.

Free, DIY Displacement Method

Try writing and posting your own positive review in an attempt to displace the negative one.

It won’t cost you a thing and we’ve seen it work.

This can work well, especially if you have only one review.

There’s no guarantee, but it won’t cost you a thing except your time.

I’ve used it for clients with mixed results.

I don’t spend the time doing it anymore, but I have provided full step-by-step instructions at:

Professional Suppression

We specialize in pushing down PissedConsumer and many other websites in Google search results.

Complete the contact form on this page for a confidential consultation, quote, and timeline.

We’re very affordable when you compare pricing with the corporate reputation management firms.

How We Remove Pissed Consumer Links

We are experts in getting unwanted links removed from Pissed Consumer.

More times than not, our legal team gets involved and forces the link to either be deleted or de-indexed.

The process usually takes 2-6 months and you only pay if we’re successful.

Deleted Pissed Consumer Link

When we get a link deleted from Pissed Consumer, it is gone forever.

You may still see it in Google for a short time after it’s been removed; this is because your viewing what is in Google’s cache of the world wide web.

However, as soon as Googlebot crawls the website – this can happen in a few hours or a few days – and finds the link is gone, it will no longer appear in search results.

We have no control over the speed with which Google crawls the Pissed Consumer website, but you can rest assured that once Google finds that the negative link is no longer on the site, you will not see it in search results.

The deleted link is gone forever and the removal is permanent.

De-Indexed Pissed Consumer Link

In some cases where complete removal is not possible, we attempt to get the link de-indexed.

The result is the same – you won’t see the link in Google search results – but the process is different.

Usually with de-indexing, our legal team has taken the time to get a judgement against the poster of the negative article on Pissed Consumer.

When we take that court order to Google, Google usually removes the link from its index which means you will no longer see it appear in search results.

But in some cases, getting a court order is not enough and this is why some legal teams fail in successfully getting the link de-indexed.

You wind up paying for effort, but not results.

Not only is our team experts in handling de-indexing issues with Google, we also take all the risk.

You pay nothing unless we successfully remove or de-index the link.

Before And After Results

Before a link is removed from Pissed Consumer, search results may appear like this.

Excuse the blur, but we don’t want to cause anyone added harm.

example of pissedconsumer link BEFORE removal

Notice how there are two links showing.

The first listing is called a profile link and the second listing is the actual complaint link.

Your results may or may not look similar as it is hard to predict what links will rank in Google.

Profile Links

The profile link appears as a sub-domain on the Pissed Consumer website, so it will usually form a URL like:

Profile links are very difficult to remove.

example of pissedconsumer link BEFORE removal - profile link

Luckily, after complaints are removed, profile links themselves aren’t that strong and usually do not appear.

Complaint / Review Links

The actual complaint link is what you see after the domain name, so the URL will look like:

The complaint link is what we remove.

example of pissedconsumer link BEFORE removal - complaint link

Usually, the complaint link is the one that carries all the juice and after we remove it, the corresponding profile link loses its power and no longer ranks.

We’ve had several cases where this has happened.

But even if the profile link does appear in Google after the actual complaint has been removed, there is no associated complaints with it, so it does not appear entirely negative.

Usually, an empty profile link with no associated complaints will simply fall away from Google search results and cause you no further harm.

If you have a Pissed Consumer case with multiple complaints and comments, please contact us for a full review and quote, as each case is slightly different.

How Pissed Consumer Can Effect Your Business

When a Pissed Consumer complaint appears in search results when you Google your business name, one of the three things usually happens:

  • Customer sees it and ignores it – no harm done
  • Customer sees it and asks you about – you are always having to explain yourself, which puts you at a disadvantage
  • Customer sees it and never calls you – you may have a sense for how much business the negative link is hurting your business, but you will never know for sure.

One way you can get a rough estimate of how much business you are losing due to the unwanted Pissed Consumer listing is to analyze the search volume for your company.

Pissed Consumer Removal FAQ

I have multiple complaints, what is the best strategy?

We charge for removal on a “per complaint” basis. Individual complaints are easier to remove than the profile link (ie,

If you have proof of widespread defamation (where it’s 1-2 parties writing all of the complaints), the cost can be lower as we take legal action.

Case Study

We once had a situation where an agency was using Google Adwords to promote the negative complaint they posted on the Pissed Consumer website about a former client.

So, everytime the client would Google their business name, not only did they see the Pissed Consumer review, they also saw a Google paid ad promoting the review.

This malicious use of Google advertising constitutes an abuse of Google’s ad network.

We reported the abuse to Google which resulted in the ad being taken down and the PPC account was banned.

We concurrently went to work on removing the complaint from the site and were successful in doing so within a few months.

Now, when the client, who chooses to remain anonymous Googles his company name, there are no defamatory promotional ads or Pissed Consumer listings within the search results.

This is one of the more extreme cases where one company was clearly attacking another.

You don’t have to suffer the effects of a bad review on Pissed Consumer.

What To Do If You’ve Been A Victim

If you find something negative about you or your company on Pissed Consumer, we recommend the following:

  • Don’t click on it. There are lots of SEO case studies like this one that demonstrate that searching for something and clicking on a particular search result signals to Google that the clicked link is relevant. Thus, it ranks higher.
  • Don’t comment on it. Your knee jerk reaction may be to confront the author of the post by commenting on it, but be warned – adding comments only makes the original posting stronger. Not only are you adding length, which improves ranking, you also add freshness, which some SEOs believe is a ranking factor. You’re better off doing nothing on the site itself.
  • Don’t link to it or share it on social media. Not sure why you’d want to call attention to something negative about your company, but it goes without saying that if you link to it or share it on Facebook or other social media, you just make it stronger.
  • Ignore it. If you’re not going to invest in removing or suppressing the link, the best thing to do is ignore it. Over time, it’s possible that the link will fall if it receives no attention. (Unfortunately, this is usually not the case.)
  • Create positive content. You can hire us to handle a suppression campaign for you or you can create positive content yourself. The more articles and quality content you can get on authoritative websites, the better your chances of pushing down the negative complaint.