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We offer both removal and/or suppression of links on Consumer Affairs. Additionally, we can help you improve the quality and number of positive reviews on your Consumer Affairs page.

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From toxic toys to house foreclosures, investing in gold to food products, nothing is off the table for discussion at is an independent web-based consumer resource center where companies can pay to become accredited members. It sounds like such a great opportunity for your company’s exposure; however, some unnecessary negativity may arise from this site as well.

Although claims to moderate all reviews and complaints before publishing for spam and fake reviews, this cannot stop your competitors and extortionists from launching a full on attack against your business. Many people read these reviews and rely on this website as a guide to making decisions about consumer products. This is why you need to maintain a great reputation.

We can remove and delete pages, links, posts, information and search results from search engines in case of any negative reviews on that could be damaging to your business reputation. There is no way for businesses to respond to the complaints made on since the website administration says all complaints are considered for publication on the website through a review from class action attorneys.

Negative Posts Are There To Stay

The website has a policy of not removing published complaints and do not accept payments from companies seeking to have complaints removed. We have the skill and expertise to handle these damaging posts.

Removing Negative Posts is the worst nightmare for any business as it gets a lot of attention from the public with monthly visitors reaching up to 2.5 million and outreach in 150 radio stations. You need our professional removal service to get rid of these negative complaints so you can get your business back on track. Many companies have lost a lot of money trying to remove negative reviews from the website. With our effective removal service, we are confident to say you do not have to pay if we are unsuccessful in getting rid of the reviews.

Act Now

The more time you spend thinking about what to do, the greater the number of people who are reading the reviews and talking about it with their friends. Word travels fast on the internet and this is why you need to act now. You can rely on us to identify and neutralize these negative campaigns as fast as possible to maintain a positive online reputation. We may be a small firms bit we have a lot of experience in handling a wide variety of clients. The process of removal is quite simple

  • You identify the negative content on an online review platform
  • You contact us to deal with the problem
  • We analyze the case and come up with a solution
  • Once you agree, we begin the consumer removal process
  • The content is removed in a couple of days
  • You verify the results of our work and receive the proposal

You can pay once you are completely satisfied with the service.

Get More Positive Reviews On Your Consumer Affairs Page

Consumer Affairs offers businesses a paid review option where they will contact your customers and solicit reviews on your behalf in order to help improve your overall ratings.

But why would you turn your customer list over to a third party and give them further control over the content of your page?

Sadly, many business’s choose this option, hoping it will help to screen out poor reviews and improve their rating.

But it doesn’t work. You have no guarantee from Consumer Affairs for what customer reviews they will or won’t publish.

We don’t do it this way.

We have our own proprietary system for helping you obtain quality reviews that will help you improve your listing at

Simply let us know if you are interested by filling our contact form out.