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We push negative, unwanted content, reviews, and images off page one of Google more affordably than most of the corporate ORM firms who have lots of overhead and charge high five-figure monthly fees.

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About Negative Content

These days, customers, business associates, employers, (and even first dates!) are using Google to do find out about you before choosing to buy from you, do business with you, hire you, or go out on a date with you.

With the internet being a permanent record of everything that’s ever been published online, negative content about you or your business can have a huge impact on your ability to find a job, do business, or gain the trust of customers.

example of negative content in google

The goal of reputation management suppression services (also known as pushing down bad links) is twofold:

  1. Push down the negative content from page 1 of Google (where most people will never see it)
  2. Give you back control of your name, your business name, or your brand

Most of the content published on the web will never be removed, which means pushing down the negative content is your only option for cleaning up what people can find about you.

If you’re serious about cleaning up your online reputation, call us at 503-890-6663. We’re the most affordable online reputation management firm offering quality suppression services.

Our Suppression Strategy

Online reputation management is not rocket science. It boils down to two things: content and content promotion.

Most people want to clear page 1 of negative Google search results for a certain keyword or key phrases. The goal is to give you control over the content people see when they Google you.

Every case is different, but here is an overview of common strategies we use to push down negative content in Google:

  • Premium content placement – these are feature articles about you or your company in authority sites like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, etc. These articles are expensive, but stand a good chance of ranking organically due to their authority
  • Quality interview placement – these are unique interviews about you and your business we place on various interview sites. Most firms don’t do this. We call and record an interview you (takes about 10 minutes), then transcribe and publish it to sites we control. A couple of the sites rank organically; they are all good for link building.
  • Web 2.0/Social media content – web 2.0 are free sites where you can claim, post, and share content. Examples of web 2.0 include Facebook, Twitter, Weebly, WordPress, etc. There are thousands of web 2.0 sites; only a few of them rank organically, but you never know. We use them all for content and link building and provide you with username/password, so you can update any sites that rank well.
  • Improve existing content – Sometimes, an SEO tweak to a title or H1 tag can help your existing content rank better. We help you make these adjustments to help speed up your campaign.
  • Internet business directories – For companies and business owners, sites like Yelp, Manta, and many others rank very well for your brand name. We review your listings and make adjustments as necessary to improve their ranking.
  • Link building (SENuke) – SENuke is a program that allows us to create links automatically. These links can be created en masse and are, quite frankly, cheap and spammy. We use these links to promote web 2.0 properties to make them stronger. We NEVER use SENuke to promote stand alone websites as it could get them de-indexed.
  • Link building (Web 2.0 manual) – As we use Web 2.0 sites and social media for content, we also, use them to promote other content we are trying to rank. Links on authoritative web 2.0 properties are inserted manually with care.
  • Link building (Private blog network) – A private blog network (PBN) is a network of websites that look like business sites, directories, or ordinary blogs. Contextual links are manually inserted in a natural way to help boost the ranking of your most important digital assets. PBN links are critical to the success of your campaign and are used with great care. We have access to over 600 blogs for PBN link building.
  • Click through marketing – No other firm does this like we do. Here’s a quick explanation.
  • Removal attempt – Depending on the site, we make an attempt at contacting the website owner for removal or refer your business to one of our partners who specializes in removal. Either way, you get a quote for what it would cost to remove the unwanted content, so you have the option of paying to remove it.


Costs Of Suppressing Negative Content

We are a boutique firm with low overhead. Our team works from home offices and we aren’t trying to make money for shareholders. We do great work, and offer customized affordable monthly suppression packages.

We encourage you to shop around and get specifics on what each firm will be doing for you each month. Than call us. We’re confident that you’ll love our strategy and pricing more than the big corporate firms.

Our Process:

1. Inventory. Our first step is to review your current search results and make a list of all positive digital assets you already control. This might include social media accounts, websites or articles. We will promote all of this content when we begin link building. Often, we’re able to make SEO recommendations to help your current links rank higher in Google.

2. Published Interviews. These are uniquely crafted to rank really well for your name or business name. You provide us with simple answers to interview questions and we get you published on quality sites. These interviews usually rank really well in Google because of their long-form, unique content and authority.

3. New Content consists of new digital assets we claim and optimize for you. These assets include customized content on free sites like wordpress, vimeo, plaxo, stumbleupon, weebly, and hundreds of others. All assets are optimized for your keyword(s) and often include links to promote other positive assets.

4. Link Building consists of three methods to help promote your existing and new content to push down the negative:

  1. Web 2.0 links – these are manually inserted links within the New Content described above. We use these to cross promote new/existing content.
  2. SE Nuke campaigns – these are robotically generated links we use to promote your web 2.0 assets. SE Nuke is a complex and powerful link building & promotional tool.
  3. Private Blog Network – links from blogs are very powerful, especially when they slowly accumulate over time. Contextual links from blogs are one of the strongest link building tools around, used by many SEOs.

5. Click-Through Marketing works like this:

  • We Google your keyword
  • We click on the link we want to rank (usually its a link BELOW your negative content)
  • This signals to Google that this link is RELEVANT to the keyword and helps to move it up past the bad link
  • We repeat this process 25 times per month for up to 10 unique positive links

We run our click-through marketing exclusively through our private network of US-based workers. Click-through marketing is like link building on steroids and can help to slowly nudge positive content past negative content. Learn more about click through suppression.

6. Removal. Many sites will remove or alter content if you simply ask nicely. Others require a fee to remove content and some sites will not remove it under any circumstances. We make contact with site owners on your behalf and quote you a price to remove it. This is an a la carte option you can choose whether or not you want to pay if we’re able to obtain pricing for you. At a minimum, we use our leverage and relationships to get you a fair price on removal.

7. Premium Content. Premium content consists of published articles about you or your business on high authority sites such as Huffington Post, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, and others. Feature articles on sites like these have a high likelihood of ranking naturally because the domains are so strong. Costs vary and we can provide a la carte pricing upon request.

8. Negative Reviews. You probably know how a few bad reviews can hurt hurt your business. We’ve got resources for deleting unwanted reviews, writing authentic, positive reviews, and helping you put systems in place to get your existing customers to write positive reviews for you.

9. SEO/Marketing/PPC. For most of the companies we work with, online reputation management goes hand in hand with wanting to better market their business online using search engine optimization. We craft your suppression strategy with an eye toward SEO, so that you’re not only pushing down the links you don’t want people to see, but you are also increasing the number of inbound leads that will help you grow your bottom line.

10. Monthly Report consists of a summary of all work done and screenshot position of the negative link(s).

You are billed monthly. We don’t charge any setup fees, but we do require a 3-month minimum. After that, you can cancel at anytime with 30 days notice if you are not satisfied.

Per keyword means that each keyword is a separate campaign. For example, if your business name is ABC Electric and you live in Charlotte, you might see negatives appear on page 1 for both keywords, John Doe and John Doe charlotte. The two keywords are different and thus two separate campaigns. In most cases, overlapping keywords see some residual benefit and in a case like this one, I might recommend you start with one campaign for John Doe, which is what most people will be Googling. If you have multiple keywords, give us a call so we can recommend an appropriate solution.

We do quality reputation management work at affordable prices. Besides reputation management, I also operate an SEO, web design & marketing agency that helps our clients increase rankings, sales, and traffic. Please call 503-890-6663 if you have any questions or would like to get started.



Suppression FAQ

Are results guaranteed? No. We don’t control Google, but since we offer fixed rate pricing, we continue to work on your campaign until it’s completed. That’s pretty darn close to a guarantee.

How long will it take to push down the unwanted links? It varies, but one of the most important factors is the domain domain strength of those negative listings (sites like Yelp, RipoffReport, most news sites and .gov are very strong). Other factors include:

  • The number of keywords you want fixed (ie, Tom Smith, Tom Smith Omaha, Tom Smith Omaha NE is 3 different keywords)
  • The length of the keyword(s) you need fixed (“your name” is more difficult than “your name your city”)
  • The quantity of negative listings to be pushed off page 1 of Google (multiple negatives can take a bit longer)

Most campaigns take between 3-12 months, but some take longer depending on how severe.

Can content be removed from the internet?  You should always contact the webmaster and see if they will remove content first. If that doesn’t work, we offer guaranteed removal/de-indexing services for sites like Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer, Complaints Board, and others.

Should I focus on removal or suppression? I usually advise clients that if you are dealing with an isolated incident, like a lawsuit resulting in bad press effecting your business, try first to get it removed. If you operate a business where you expect there could be future complaints, then suppression is the better way to go because it can help insulate your brand against future attacks.

The negative content was posted anonymously, what can I do? Contact us with the URL of the negative content and we will see if it is eligible for removal through legal process.

Will your methods push good content about me down? It’s possible, but we can usually avoid this by boosting all of your positive content through strategic link building.

Does clicking on the negative content make it stronger? Google has over 200 factors that effect how things rank, but there’s strong evidence that click through rate is one of the more important ranking factors, which is why we use it to promote your positive content.

Should I respond to negative or false reviews? In general, when you respond, you make the negative page stronger, so we usually recommend not doing this. Handle Yelp carefully.

How soon can you start? We can start your campaign immediately.

How do I get started? Complete the contact form on this page to get started.


Case Studies

#1: Physician With Unwanted PDF Ranking On Page 1

Background: A physician had an inflammatory PDF ranking in the 7th position when you Googled his name, followed by “MD.” The PDF was not factual, but was causing people to question him when they researched him online.

Strategy To Suppress The Unwanted PDF

  • Make a list of all current positive digital assets
  • Create new digital web 2.0 content and unique, quality interviews – all of which was optimized for his name
  • Promote all content through aggressive link building using SENuke, private blog network links, and manually placed cross links

Results: Within 5 months, the unwanted PDF was pushed off pages 1 and 2.

Client Testimonial:  “Just want to let you know I’ve been very impressed with your work. You and your team at Affordable Reputation Management met by objective in a short amount of time. I am pleased with the results and happy the negative remains suppressed beyond what you had promised.”

#2: Retired Teacher With Two Negative Articles On Pages 1 & 2

Background: A retired teacher had two negative articles about him appearing on pages 1 an 2 of Google. People who found the articles questioned his credibility and he wanted to push them deeper where people would not easily find them.

Strategy To Suppress The Negative Articles

  • Make a list of all current positive digital assets
  • Create new digital web 2.0 content and unique, quality interviews – all of which was optimized for his name
  • Promote all content through aggressive link building using SENuke, private blog network links, and manually placed cross links

Results: Within 4 months, the negative articles were pushed off pages 1 and 2.

Client Testimonial: “Because the two negative articles posted have made it to pages 3-4, I don’t find it necessary to continue with your services any longer. I am satisfied with the current location of the negatives. Thanks again for all your help.”

#3: California Executive With Two Negative Listings On Page 1

Background: A flourishing patent executive had two unwanted listings appearing for her “name + city,” “name + city, state” and “name + state.” What made this case unique was she did not want her actual image used online.

Strategy To Suppress The Negative Articles

  • Client had no positive digital assets, so we created all new digital web 2.0 content and unique, quality interviews, optimized for her keywords
  • We purchase several versions of a “model” image to use in all of her content to help protect her identity
  • Promote all content through aggressive link building using SENuke, private blog network links, and manually placed cross links

Results: Within 4 months, the negatives were pushed off page 1 for 2 of her keywords and the 3rd keyword only showed one negative at the bottom of page 1. Client decided she was happy with the results and did not want to invest in further services.

Client Testimonial: “I found Mike and Affordable Reputation Managemen very easy to work with. They were able to suppress my unwanted listings in the allotted time frame and I was able to easily cancel services with 30 days notice. No big commitments were required. Thanks!”

Typical Clients

Any individual or business can benefit from the value of effective online reputation management. However, the following are the types of clients who make excellent candidates for ongoing, positive PR and ORM.

  • Public Facing Medical Professionals – Dentists, plastic surgeons, chiropractors, and other medical professionals who compete and market themselves publicly can suffer a loss of business through a handful of bad reviews or a scandalous news article.
  • Financial Services – We’ve helped multiple clients in the financial services sectors take control of their reputation in Google. Unfortunately, companies like these are always going to be under attack from that 1% of the population who complain about everything. And while complaining to a friend about your experience is one thing, posting it online can cause permanent damage.
  • Entrepreneurs – It’s great to be an entrepreneur, but the sad part of being an entrepreneur is the more successful you are, the more you become a target. The internet is the perfect place for your competitors and naysayers to try to sabotage your efforts, especially when you reach the $1M/year salary. Individuals with millions in net worth know how quickly they can lose credibility when a negative news story or social media rumors go viral.

If you or your business has been victimized by negative reviews, a lawsuit, or other unwanted internet content, call or complete our contact form to get started and take back your internet reputation.