Using Google Autocomplete For Branding Your Name Online

You can control the suggestions people see when they Google you. This is a powerful tool in your online reputation marketing strategy and can be helpful if you’re looking for a job or trying to conduct business. Check out the video below and enjoy the transcription while you watch.

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Hi, my name is Mike Munter and I want to show you how you can use Google’s autocomplete function for personal branding.

Google autocomplete – which is also called Google suggest or Google autofill – are the suggestions you see when you type a query into the search box.

The suggestions are based on internet content and the search activity of users like you and me. Everytime you complete a search, Google uses that data to help update future suggestions. When there’s enough search activity for a phrase, the suggestions will change.

So, most of the people who call me have a reputation management problem with Google Autocomplete. They have negative suggestions that follow their name and they want to get rid of and we help them fix it.

But some people are now starting to use Google suggest as a personal branding tool.

Using Google Suggest For Your Online Personal Reputation

Let’s take a look at an example:

Here’s one – that’s me – and you can see that I’ve appended the phrase “google suggest expert” to my name. So anyone who Googles me will see this suggestion. Of course, you can also see “reputation management” and “seo” as suggestions, too. These are my business practices.

The “tattoo” and “nucare” suggestions are not me, and soon they’ll be gone because I’m working on some new terms. Basically, I’m looking to control all ten of the suggestions people see about me in Google when they Google my name.

Benefit Of Using Google Autocomplete For Personal Branding

The nice benefit of using Google autocomplete to brand yourself is you can direct people right to the content that you want them to see, and that’s where this gets really powerful, especially if you’re a business person or an entrepreneur. It’s all about taking charge of your online reputation.

So, who might this benefit?

Well, anyone who’s name IS their brand. This includes job seekers, independent contractors, and business professionals. Anyone who wants to start taking control of their online reputation. If you’re interviewing for jobs, one of the ways a potential employer will check you out is to Google you. Wouldn’t it be great if all ten suggestions were positive keywords about you? You can imagine how that might help you land that job.

  • Using Google Suggest for reputation marketing could also benefit entrepreneurs and professionals like lawyers, doctors, realtors. Lots of us will do a little background research before we enter into business deals or before we hire an attorney, or maybe before you hire an SEO or a reputation management individual. Basically, you can influence what people think about you. In many cases, this can help you do more business.

The third set of people who can benefit from reputation marketing (using Google Suggestions) are politicians. Let’s take a look at a pretty big one here. You can see the suggestions for Barack Obama. But even local politicians can really benefit by having positive suggestions follow their name. Politicians are a natural fit for online reputation marketing using Google suggestions. Since most politicians will have a lot of published content on the internet, they can use the suggestions to steer the public toward the content they want them to see. You can imagine how powerful this could be, especially for those people who are on the fence about who to vote for.

So, if you want to take charge of your name, your personal brand in Google by taking over these suggestions, give me a call at 503-890-6663. You’ll be surprise at how affordable this can be. We’d love to speak with you about it. Thanks!

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