Click Through Rate Suppression

Click through can be an effective way of pushing down difficult links, especially those that seem to be stuck on page one of search results.

We offer click through suppression services to help suppress unwanted search results for individuals and businesses.

What Is Click Through Rate Suppression?

When you Google something and click through to a particular link, this is called Click Through Rate. This is an important signal to Google that one link is more relevant to the search query than other links. It’s helpful for moving the position of links, especially if they are on page one.

Let’s take a look at an example:

example of click through rate for online reputation management

You can see the keyword “Hertz Reviews” shows two negative links for and appearing in positions #1 and #2.

In positions #3 and #4 are two positive links from

If Hertz wanted to push down the two negative review listings, one strategy they could employ is Click Through.

What we do is have real people:

  1. Search for “Hertz reviews”
  2. Click and interact with the positive links we want to push up

When Google’s algorithm recognizes that more people are “clicking through” to these links as opposed to the current top 2 links, the algorithm has no choice but to move the links up, thereby displacing the unwanted search results from consumeraffairs and yelp.

Why Is Click Through Rate Important?

Remember, Google is an algorithm that provides search results. Google’s mission is to help us find what we want, fast. If it does that, we keep using Google. If we don’t easily find what we want, we might switch to another search engine, like Bing or Yahoo.

Therefore, Google has to constantly refresh and update it’s search results based on the data it compiles from real users like you and me.

If we send the signal over and over and over that links are more relevant to the search query “Hertz Reviews,” Google’s algorithm should boost them higher in search results so people can find them easier.

Click Through Rate Case Studies

We’ve had some cases work really well. Others haven’t changed much at all.

Click through isn’t a magic bullet to push down unwanted SERPs, but it is working in several cases.

And the best part is that it is an affordable way to try to move search results up and down in Google and other search engines.

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