Amazon Autocomplete Service

Amazon autocomplete is the feature that shows suggestions when you type a product into the Amazon search box.

amazon autocomplete suggestions

In the example pictured above, you can see that when we type “real estate books” into Amazon, we see some of the most popular suggestions:

  • for beginners
  • california
  • free
  • ebooks
  • practice audio
  • for agents
  • florida

With a little bit of work, these suggestions can be modified to show suggestions that include your name or your brand. This helps Amazon users choose your products over the products of others.

Amazon Autocomplete Example

Let’s say your name is “Joe Smith” and you wrote a real estate book called, “The Investor Guide.” We can append those suggestions to all user searches for lucrative keywords like “real estate book” and “real estate books.”

amazon autocomplete branded suggestions

Imagine the impact these branded suggestions could have on your business, as user click-through is influenced by your brand name appearing next to the suggestions in Amazon.

How We Change Amazon Suggestions

Suggestions in Amazon are influenced in a similar way to Google autocomplete. We create search activity from a variety of users all over the country/world and within a short period of time (depending on the volume), the suggestions change. Once changed, you can measure your ROI and if you want to keep the suggestions branded, we run a monthly maintenance campaign to keep all of your keywords appearing with your suggestions.

The possibilities are unlimited and you can choose as many keywords as you like that are related to your products or services.

If you’d like a quote on changing the suggestions for your products in Amazon,┬áplease fill out quote form on this page and we’ll get back to you asap!