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Pissed Consumer Overview

pissed consumer logoDisgruntled consumers from around the world have been flocking to PissedConsumer.com to share their experiences with various services and products.

While the website was intended to be a place for consumers to warn others about potential “scams,” it also attracts countless competitors and former employees that publish false statements and reviews. This is done for the sole purpose of damaging the reputation of the business.

Unfortunately, ignoring these negative and defamatory reviews won’t make them go away, and you’ll need an experienced online reputation management company to help you clear your name.

Pissed Consumer is a consumer activist site that claims to be an advocate for the people. This site is supposedly a sounding board for consumers to warn others about poor business practices and shotty customer service they received at a variety of organizations. However, Pissed Consumer differs from reputable review websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau because a vast majority of the PissedConsumer.com posts are negative.

Further, the bigger problem with Pissed Consumer is that the site does not have a review process in place to examine posts once they are submitted. Anyone who has a complaint, whether it is true or completely unsubstantiated, can write up their grievance and have it published on PissedConsumer.com almost instantly. This makes it easy to post defamatory reviews with the sole purpose of slandering a person or business. 

Will Pissed Consumer Remove Negative Reviews?

According to PissedConsumer.com, the website does not presently offer users the chance to remove or edit prior postings. In fact, the only way that users can get a review that they submitted removed from the site is if they submit a notarized letter detailing the following information:

  • A statement confirming that the letter writer is the person who posted the information in question.
  • A statement stating that the previously posted information was incorrect at the time of the posting.
  • The URL of the post as it appears on the Pissed Consumer website.
  • The letter writer’s full name, address, email address, and a signature.
  • The word-for-word statement indicating that the writer is providing accurate and true information under penalty of perjury.
  • A legible notary stamp.

The only other way to remove a post from PissedConsumer.com is by court order. This is a challenging process, and we can help you to see it through. Our experienced legal team is both affordable and efficient at getting anonymous Pissed Consumer reviews removed that may be damaging your business off of the Internet.

Can You Really Get My Negative Review Removed?

As reputation management specialists, our removal service is a legal process that effectively removes any false and negative review of your business from the Pissed Consumer website – if it was posted anonymously.

The process takes between eight to ten weeks, but once it is over, the results are permanent. The negative post that could have been detrimental to your business will be removed from the search engine index, so it never appears again in search results. This allows you to move on and focus your efforts back into growing your business.

Getting Started

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