Get A .gov Site Off Page 1 of Google [Video]

If you’re sick of answering questions from prospective business partners, employers and others about that .gov website that’s on page one of Google, we can push it off page one for you. With 98% of people never going beyond the first page of search results, you’ll be in the clear to go back to work, without having to explain yourself over and over.

The video below explains our strategy and how we’re different (and cheaper) than other reputation management firms. Please call if you need a consultation at 503-890-6663.

Hi there, my name is Mike Munter, I’m with Affordable Reputation Management and I’d like to talk to you a little bit about .gov sites.

If you have Googled your name recently, or maybe your business name and you’ve been involved with something in the legal process, you may see that there’s a .gov site ranking on page one of Google for your name or your business name.

If you have something like that, it probably means that you’ve been involved in some type of law suit or legal problem and content [about the case] was published on a state or federal [government] website about the case. The problem is even if you’re found innocent or acquitted of the charges, the content remains on the website. Trying to get it removed, is nearly impossible.

The bigger problem is because it’s a “.gov” site, it has a very high level of trust with Google. So, no matter what you do, it’s probably going to outrank any content that you try to create [to push it down].

What we do with Affordable Reputation Management is we create a whole bunch of new websites for you and we aggressively promote those websites using a very strong link building campaign, so that after a couple months or maybe 6 or 8 months sometimes, those [ne3w] websites actually do rise up in Google and push down the .gov site.

The process can be time consuming. It can be pretty costly if you talk to one of the large corporate reputation management firms.

However, we’re a little bit different in that not only are we more affordable, but we also offer you flat-fee pricing. So, what that means is when you call us, we’re going to tell you, “Hey, this is how much it’s going to cost to get that .gov [site] off of page 1 – no more, no less.”

You pay 50% of that fee up front and then you don’t pay the other half of the fee until the job is done and you’re happy. And this is a lot different from some of the large firms if you’re shopping around. They either will charge you a huge fee up front and have 100% of it due before they even start work or they charge you monthly recurring fees. And the problem with [monthly fees] is if they tell you it’s going to take 6 months at $2,000 per month and in 6 months [the .gov site] is not gone, you’re still continuing to pay their fee every single month for them to continue to work on it.

That’s our advantage. If you have a .gov site – a state or federal [government] website that you would like to push down in Google, I hope that you’ll give us a call at 503-890-6663. We’d love to help you!

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