Brand Reputation Management

Brand reputation management is a relatively new buzzword in business, but it is not really a new concept. Prior to the advent of the internet, businesses routinely tasked their public relations department or the public relations company handling their account to undertake reputation management. This required a periodic report on the company’s public status and […]

2014 Reputation Management Pricing Comparison

In February, 2014, we polled five well-known reputation management companies in order to give potential clients an objective pricing comparison. Each company was asked to present pricing on two common reputation management problems: Google Autocomplete (view sample) and Pushing Negative Content Off Page 1 of Google. The results of that research is presented in the tables below. […]

Using Google Autocomplete For Branding Your Name Online

You can control the suggestions people see when they Google you. This is a powerful tool in your online reputation marketing strategy and can be helpful if you’re looking for a job or trying to conduct business. Check out the video below and enjoy the transcription while you watch. Call 503-890-6663 for a quote on […]

How To Handle Negative Reviews [Video]

Don’t allow a damaging review on to ruin your day. Negative, unwanted listings on this site can be taken care of in one of two ways. First, you can post your own positive review in an attempt to displace it. It won’t cost you a thing and we’ve seen it work. Full step-by-step instructions […]

Remove Unflattering News Stories With Reputation Management [Video]

Negative news stories on your local newspaper’s website can prevent you from getting a job. The problem is potential employers Google you as part of their human resources background check and if they see something unflattering, it could call your employment into question. Your first course of action is to contact the newspaper and see […]

Get A .gov Site Off Page 1 of Google [Video]

If you’re sick of answering questions from prospective business partners, employers and others about that .gov website that’s on page one of Google, we can push it off page one for you. With 98% of people never going beyond the first page of search results, you’ll be in the clear to go back to work, […]

Google Autocomplete for Reputation Management [Video]

Video Transcription Hey there, my name is Mike Munter and I operate Affordable Reputation Management. And one problem we see alot of when clients call us for reputation management is that their Google autocomplete is messed up. What is Google Autocomplete? Google autocomplete are the suggestions that you see when you begin to type your […]