Affordable PPC Google Adwords Management

We provide affordable pay-per-click (PPC) advertising setup and monthly management of your Google adwords.

Certainly, you can setup an advertising campaign on Google yourself, but if you’d really like to increase the efficiency of your marketing dollars, we can help. We provide these advanced PPC services at affordable prices to help optimize your adwords budget:

  • Custom Landing Page To Improve Conversion Rate (WordPress only)
  • Conversion Tracking (Phone Calls & Contact Forms)
  • Monthly Report

Learn more about each of these services.

Affordable Pay-Per-Click Management
Small Business Google Adwords Management
$200/month or 15% of ad budget (whichever is greater)*

*1-time $500 setup fee includes keyword research, ad setup, conversion tracking, and 1 landing page (WordPress only). Management fees do not include Google ads budget.

Pay-Per-Click Overview

Unlike SEO which can take several months to kick in, pay-per-click advertising is a guaranteed way to bring qualified customers straight to your website.

You’ve probably seen Google PPC ads in action – they are the ads that appear at the top, side and bottom of Google search results.

Anytime someone “clicks” on an ad or calls the phone number on your ad, you pay for that lead. The nice thing about PPC is you have full control over budget, audience, and delivery of your ads. You can set geographic targeting by radius, zip code, or city. You can deliver ads only during office hours or you can run your ads 24/7. And of course, you decide how much you want to spend each day. Once you reach your budget, your ads no longer run, so you’re in control of budget.

As you can see, you have a lot of flexibility, just like you would with other traditional forms of advertising.

Custom Landing Page To Improve Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the percentage of people who “convert” by taking action after clicking through to your landing page.

This is an area where many businesses fail because they don’t have a custom landing page that is aimed at converting PPC customers. Instead, they direct potential customers to their home page, which isn’t always well-optimized to convert.

A good landing page should include concise messaging, a clear call to action, contact form, phone number, and testimonials. If you’re running WordPress, we include a customized landing page as part of your PPC campaign setup.

Conversion Tracking

Google gives us an overwhelming number of metrics to track the performance of your campaign. We setup conversion tracking and report on the ones that matter most – impressions, clicks, phone calls, conversions, and cost.

These simple metrics provide us with everything we need to monitor and fine tune your campaign each month. Our goal is to get your adwords advertising “dialed in,” so that you are efficiently spending your budget.

Monthly Report

Each month, we send you a report that includes:

  • Impressions – this is how many people saw your ad
  • Clicks – how many people clicked your ad
  • Phone Calls – how many people called the Google tracking number from ad or website
  • Conversions – how many people completed a contact form + number of people who made a phone call lasting 60 seconds or longer
  • Cost – how much you spent for the month in Google adwords
  • Comments – any significant changes to your campaign (i.e. changed target radius from 10 miles to 5 miles, increased budget from $40/day to $60/day, etc.)

Our best clients take the additonal step of asking every new customer, “How did you hear about us?” and if they say, “Google!” then that lead is tracked. Ultimately, this measure of the number of ACTUAL new customers you are getting is the most important metric of all.

We help you put a system in place, so you have all this data at your fingertips.

Google Adwords Case Studies

Here’s an example – we work with a chiropractor who had another company managing his PPC advertising. He was running ads to promote three different websites because he felt this gave him a bigger “share” of the ad space – which on the surface – it did. But looking deeper, we can see that he was actually competing with himself. He was spending more money driving customers to sites that weren’t converting.

Next, he was paying for keywords that were getting a lot of clicks, but they weren’t converting. We monitored these ad campaigns for a few months and then recommended that the non-converting campaigns be shut down. By allocating more of his dollars to terms that WERE converting, he is generating more new patients for the same budget.

Lastly, we created custom landing pages that are aligned with the keywords we’re targeting. By doing this, we’ve achieved a higher quality score which means he pays less for a click AND we’ve improved the rate of conversion. With more of his clicks now taking action and contacting his office, he is getting a bigger bang for his marketing buck than he was prior to our management of the campaign.

Get Started With PPC Advertising

Google Adwords is a great way to quickly generate new customers for your business. With full control over budget and geo-targeting, we hone in your campaign to run smoothly and efficiently.

If you feel you’re wasting money on adwords or want to compare our service to your current management team, please complete the contact form.